Wild Card Showcase – In English Please!


Voilà, le moment est venu, après 6 ans, on s’est dit qu’il était temps de franchir le cap et de sortir un peu plus de notre zone de confort !

Le 22 février, la F.B.I fera un spectacle entièrement en Anglais et pour y ajouter une touche de « Britishiness » la fantastique Jennifer Jordan nous fera l’honneur d’être le MC de cette soirée et on lui a d’ailleurs demandé d’écrire quelques mots :

“FBI stands for French British Improvisation, but am I the only one who’s noticed there’s a lot more ‘F’ than there is ‘B’ to their ‘I’ shows? I shall be beefing up the British side of FBI as I challenge these French players to perform an entire show in English. They’ll be under my roof, so they’ll speak my language. Sort of like a citizenship test to see just how British they truly are…but with improv (because nobody wants to pay money to watch a group of improvisers sit down and take an exam for 60 minutes). So grab your scones, cups of tea & Beatles records and head on over to this very special evening of ridiculous games and hilarious scenes performed in a second language. Will it be a clash of cultures or a beautiful international fusion of art and comedy? There’s only one way to find out. Join me, the very British Jennifer Jordan, as I decide whether these players get to stay in our green and pleasant land. Pip pip!”

The ton is given.


Tickets: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/date/462102